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The Rising Issue of Mild Steel Theft: FGPL’s Comprehensive Solutions Switch to Composites

Mild Steel Theft: Solutions by FGPL and Switch to Composites

Almost in every city cases of mild steel theft are increasing day by day. Several news articles are published that state the theft of steel articles from roads and other sites which causes major problems. A few days back in TOI an article was published in which locals are theft picking manhole covers and selling them as scrap for money.

Besides  Mild steel theft, the bigger problem is uncovered manholes which are very dangerous for locals. You can refer to these articles to know the impact of theft.

Mild Steel Theft

The only solution for these kinds of problems is to use a material which is good for only this purpose and does not have a higher price when sold outside. FGPL suggest using composites as an alternative to mild steel.

Safety Feature- FRP has zero scrap value & can’t be remoulded into any other products.

Again the question arises is why composites are a great alternative to mild steel. So here is a list of advantages that makes it perfectly suitable for various needs. But before that, you need to understand about composites.

What Are Composites?

Composites are manmade materials, which are manufactured by combining two or more different components. The advantage of composite is its enhanced properties because it holds characteristics of two or more materials. Components which are also known as matrix and reinforcement work together to provide increased strength, durability, and other characteristics.

Why Composites Are Perfect Alternative For Mild Steels?

Yes, you read it right, almost in every scenario, composites are good. Here is a list of advantages that will make you switch to this immediately.

1. Light In Weight:- In comparison to metal and wood, composites are way more lighter. This lightness in weight act as a great advantage for various industries. Because of its lightweight, it can be used to fit properly in various spaces. Also, when this material is used in the transportation industry it reduces excess fuel consumption and makes it economical for users. It enhances their speed in minutes and makes it an ideal material for their manufacturing.

2. Superior Strength:- Composites are far superior than steel or aluminium when it comes to strength. As these are made using more than one component it comprises the studiedness of both of them. Its engineered designs are super strong. Because of its strength-to-weight ratio, it is ideal for various things. It might not weigh that much but when it comes to holding the strength it is best than any other material.

3.Non-Corrosive:- As it is a mixture of multiple metals and components it makes is non-corrosive. Composites resist damage that can happen from bad weather conditions and harsh chemicals. Be it indoor or outdoor these are good for every usage. Its non-corrosive property makes it ideal for the heavy manufacturing industry. Even if there is a severe weather-changing condition you can still use them.

4. Design Flexibility:- Most of the materials are not that flexible because of their toughness they cannot be used everywhere. Composites are flexible in nature so can be moulded even in complicated shapes easily. It gives freedom to designers for creating complex and effective shapes for industrial usage. Composite can also be used to imitate a finish or texture of a surface from smooth to pebbly or vice-versa

5. Improved Stability:- Composites are a good example of improved stability. They never lose their shape and size when they are in hot or cold conditions. On the other side if we talk about wood it changes its property according to the outside conditions. For various uses, it can be used and its versatility makes it ideal for almost every industry.

6. Non-Magnetic & Conductive:- Its non-magnetic and conductive property makes it really safe to use. Non-conductive nature makes composite suitable for circuit boards and poles in electronics. Because composite contains no metal in their composition they are not magnetic. This makes them easy to place around sensitive electronic equipment. Due to all of these properties, it can also be used in medical industries

7. Durable:- One of the best advantages of composites is their durability. Structures made from this material ensure longevity and cut downs the need for maintenance. There are many things made from composites are serving for years. You can use it for almost every purpose and to make it last even longer just do a little maintenance that too once in a while.


Composites are eco-friendly and that is why it makes them ideal for the environment. Its various enhances properties makes it sustainable for various industry. You can contact FGPL for all your industrial and not industrial needs and get the best products manufactured from composites. Solutions by FGPL contributes to sustainability efforts and reduces the environmental impact associated with steel production and theft-related wastage.

If you want the best and most sustainable Mild steel solutions for your industry contact us.

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