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Fibrograts is a top FRP fencing manufacturer in India (Fiber Reinforced Polymer fencing). Fiberglass fences are very simple to install, use, and maintain. Fibrograts FRP Fence comes in a range of colours and sizes, with multiple applications while maintaining the industry standards. Fibrograts is fully able to provide you with a complete fencing system based on your own design.

Because it is completely non-magnetic and radio-transparent, FRP Fencing is ideal for usage in airports and radio stations where RF signal interference is an issue.

What is FRP Fencing?

FRP or Fibre Reinforced Polymer Fencing is built of lightweight but mechanically strong pultruded channels with glass fibres. In comparison to iron fencing, it is two times lighter yet twice as powerful. Because no mild steel is used in their construction, they are completely resistant to rust and corrosion. This pilferage-free fencing is available without tampering and is unaffected by fatal accidents or the commotion of street animals. In comparison to traditional fencing, the offered FRP Road Fencing is less expensive and easier to install. Due to its high dielectric strength, it is non-conductive as well as termite and rot-resistant.

FRP Fencing Systems: Quick Installation Methods

Throughout their service lives, they will perform several duties and sustain a variety of stresses. Regular foot traffic, irregular impacts and loading forces, weathering effects, and other unfavorable events can dramatically reduce the performance of traditional fence systems.

Traditional fencing systems can be difficult to machine and install, which complicates things. To shorten the installation times of critical components and structures, FRP fencing manufacturers are increasingly resorting to novel material solutions.

Issues with Traditional Materials

Wood is one of the most durable construction materials ever invented, and it is still commonly employed in modern household architecture. However, due to the significant continuous maintenance expenses of timber fencing systems, it has fallen out of favour in projects concerned with component longevity or severe sustainability standards. That is why people prefer FRP composites and are in search of FRP fencing manufacturers in India.

Wooden fence posts and rails must be carved from bulk material – usually off-site – which adds to the upfront installation costs. These components must then be installed by skilled workers who can adjust the product holistically if it has distorted during transit. Depending on the humidity and atmospheric pressure, wood expands and contracts. While this behavior may be predicted with some accuracy, architects must work within a greater range of tolerances when designing. 

Putting Together FRP Fencing Systems

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composites outperform traditional materials in practically every way, with better strength-to-weight profiles and all-around corrosion resistance. This one-of-a-kind material has been widely used to create fencing systems by FRP fencing suppliers in India that can endure the strains encountered in a variety of applications while still looking good.

However, one of the lesser-known advantages of FRP fence systems is their ease of installation. The FRP fencing systems from Fibrograts are designed in a variety of standard designs that can be built-in bulk and supplied to the job site for easy assembly. Square, rounded, and channel-top handrails, varied shaped end brackets and connections, secure corner and adjustable connectors, and much more are among these components.

Features of FRP Fencing System

FRP Fencing Installation In India

FRP Fencing

Chemical Plant

Fiberograts manufactures non-conductive security FRP fencing for chemical plants exclusively out of FRP materials. These systems are made to safeguard and secure electrical equipment, machinery, and other locations that require a non-magnetic, thermally, and electrically non-conductive system.


Our trained personnel use innovative processes and superior grade fibre-reinforced plastic to create the supplied fencing under their watchful supervision. This type of fencing is frequently used as a safety guard to keep unwanted things away from transformers. Furthermore, the offered FRP fencing for transformers can be acquired from us at a reasonable rate.

FRP Fencing Systems From Fibrograts

Fibrograts is a leader in the research and production of FRP solutions and a leading FRP fencing manufacturer in India for a wide range of applications. Our fencing systems have excellent mechanical properties and are resistant to a wide range of corrosives, making them ideal for installation in tough application locations.

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