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Fibrograts is one of the leading FRP grating manufacturers in India, with a reputation for providing corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, high-strength FRP moulded gratings. Fibreglass reinforced plastic (FRP) also knowns, as Fibreglass reinforced plastic grating, is a form of industrial flooring that is utilized in a variety of applications. It’s most common in walkways and overhanging platforms.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic grating (sometimes referred to as FRP grating, glass-reinforced plastic grating, or fibreglass grating) is a composite material made from a resin and fibreglass matrix. Because the best FRP grating manufacturers take care of manufacturing processes our FRP products do not rust as easily as steel grating, it is utilized in corrosive settings to save money on maintenance. It can be found in a variety of places, such as walkways and overhanging platforms.

FRP gratings find huge applications in the following structures

FRP gratings are manufactured through a process which is called pultrusion. In this fiberglass is shaped through a resin bath and then cured for a final product. It is a continuous process in which materials are pulled through a polyester or resin bath.
FibroGrats Fibreglass grating is an integral construction – single-piece fibreglass roving reinforced with unsaturated polyester (FRP) / Vinyl Ester (FRVE) / Bisphenol (FRB) typically composed of 60-65% resin by weight and immensely strong continuous glass fibres manufactured by a specially designed process that provides a property of good mechanical and corrosion resistance. These are safe & ideal for chemically corrosive environments having a long maintenance-free life.

Nowadays the majority of the industry is using FRP because of various reasons. Basically, FRP is a composite material which makes it perfect to use in various industries. Its durability and strength make it a good material to use. Here are various applications in which our this is used and it makes them durable for a longer time.


FRP grating are available in various surface finishes & colors, most commonly used are dark grey & yellow.

FRP chequered plates are one of our unique products. It is moulded in a single piece providing the best replacement for MS / GI Chequered plate.

FRP grating suppliers in India say that FRP/GRP Composite materials are increasingly replacing traditional materials, and significant asset owners are encouraging innovation and steadily expanding their use in a variety of applications.

These have been demonstrated to survive the effects of rust and are highly extremely durable mixing fiberglass good way to introduce a thermoplastics resin, and new applications are discovered every day. They satisfy the same load demand as steel while being more impact resistant.

Features of FRP gratings

Every industry wants a sustainable material for its usage. Even though there are many options but FRP gratings are best in every term. From durability to sustainability every aspect of need is covered through this material. Even if you wonder if will it suit your requirement there here is a list of features of this material.


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FAQs About FRP Gratings in India

Explore FibroGrats: India’s top FRP grating manufacturers. Discover durable, corrosion-resistant, high-strength FRP gratings, elevating spaces across diverse industries.

FGPL places a strong emphasis on the quality of its FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) gratings. We employ stringent quality control measures at every stage of manufacturing, from material selection to final product inspection, ensuring that our gratings meet international standards for durability, strength, and corrosion resistance. We are a leading FRP grating supplier in India, who offers a wide variety of FRP grating options to cater to the diverse needs of industries and applications.

Yes, as a top FRP grating manufacturer in India, we specialise in providing custom FRP grating solution. We understand that different projects and applications may have unique demands, and our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to offering customized solutions. Whether you need smaller, larger, or non-standard dimensions, we can accommodate your requirements. Also depending on the intended use, we can adjust the load-bearing capacity of the grating to meet the weight and stress levels expected in your application.

Fibreglass reinforced plastic grating offers several key advantages over traditional materials, making it an increasingly popular choice in various industries. Its lightweight nature, exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, and corrosion resistance provide a durable and low-maintenance solution. Unlike traditional materials like steel or wood, FRP grating is impervious to corrosion, making it ideal for harsh environments, including chemical processing, marine, and wastewater facilities.

Yes, FGPL does offer installation services for their FRP Grating products. Our team of experienced professionals is well-equipped to provide efficient and precise installation to ensure that your FRP grating is securely and effectively integrated into your project.

Yes, our capabilities as FRP grating manufacturer in India allow us to meet the demands of projects that require significant quantities of FRP grating. We can provide customized solutions to suit the specific needs and dimensions of your project, ensuring a seamless integration of our products into your large-scale undertaking. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss your project’s requirements and to receive a tailored quote for bulk orders.

The time span of Fibreglass reinforced plastic grating can exceed 20-30 years as per customization. The longevity of our FRP grating is attributed to its resistance to corrosion, chemicals, UV rays, and harsh environmental conditions. This resilience ensures that our products maintain their structural integrity and performance over an extended period, making them a cost-effective and reliable choice for various applications.

As a top FRP grating supplier in India, we provide premium quality products for various applications. Our products are highly suitable for outdoor applications and exposure to harsh weather conditions. Our FRP grating is designed to withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions, including rain, UV rays, extreme temperatures, and saltwater. It does not corrode or degrade when exposed to these elements, ensuring a long lifespan and minimal maintenance.

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