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Soap stock is a by-product of soap, resin acids and wax materials that are separated as a result of washing and neutralization of free fatty acids with caustic and in the refining of vegetable raw oil. It contains water and a low amount of oil. It is obtained during the elimination of free fatty acids (alkaline refining) by caustic soda neutralization of raw oils.

It is a mixture of fatty acid soaps, salts, phospholipids, impurities and entrained neutral oil. Soap stock splitting is done with Sulphuric /  Hydrochloric acid to obtain the Acid oil plant. For more details & inquiries you can contact us – we are a leading acid oil plant manufacturer in India.

We have one of the best technologies, which suffice the need of customers in every aspect without compromising the quality of a product. Being one of the best acid oil plant manufacturers in India, our aim is to provide consumers with the desired product. We have a skilled team who works with the latest technology to provide admired products with a minimum requirement of maintenance.


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acid oil plant manufacturer in india

What is an Acid Oil Plant?

Acid oil plant suppliers in India are facilities that are designed to produce acid oil from soapmaking waste streams. These plants typically use a series of chemical processes to separate the acid oil from the other byproducts of the soap stock splitting, such as glycerol and soap. The resulting acid oil is then refined and treated to remove impurities before being sold as a feedstock for use in various industrial applications.

In addition to being used as a feedstock, acid oil is also sometimes used as a low-cost alternative to regular cooking oils in some countries. However, it is important to note that acid oil is not suitable for human consumption due to its impurities and strong odour.

The soap stock splitting plants are designed with high proficiency. Operation modes of acid plants are flexible so it is easy to operate. Design of a plant is done in such a way that it reserves various types of acid and has excellent resistance towards corrosion.

One of the best advantages of our acid oil plant supplier in India is that it requires minimum maintenance and long service life. The quality of the product manufacturing is top notch and it suffices client needs perfectly.

Why Choose FGPL As Your Preffered

Acid Oil Plant Manufacturer?

acid oil plant manufacturer in india

FGPL is a leading acid oil plant manufacturer in India that guarantees an automated, continuous operation. The acid oil plant, which is made from premium raw materials, has outstanding resistance to corrosion brought on by concentrated chemicals. The Soapstock Acidulation Plants are designed with adaptable operating modes that make them simple to use. 

The factory is built to store several kinds of acids. We have all the necessary skills to adapt the plant to the needs of the clients. Our cutting-edge acid oil plant is praised for its extended lifespan, simplicity of use, and low maintenance requirements.

As a result of the usage of acid, the soap stock splitting process is a highly corrosive process. Designed under the technical expertise of Mr. Ashok Jain (Promoter of M/S Plasto-Fibre Ind), we offer a very specialized leak proof & corrosion-proof Soap stock splitting plant / Acid oil plant. First Soap stock splitting / Acid oil plant we ever manufactured in fiberglass was way back in 1990.

In the competitive era, we claim ourselves best for your requirements. We have a global presence and understand the diversity of the market in a proficient way. Along with that we assure customer satisfaction and meet every expectation of the clients. Because of on-time delivery of products, we are the best in this industry. From manufacturing, and installation to sales support our team covers all the requirements of clients without any hurdles.

Fibrograts with over 25 years of experience in designing, manufacturing & commissioning over 200 Soap Stock Splitting plants / Acid oil plant for all sizes of refineries & our plants have over 95% efficiency with reduced acid consumption, low quantity of sludge & fumes, lower acidity of effluent & high quantity of acid oil with enhanced quality.  Our Soap Stock Splitting Plants / Acid Oil Plants contain specially designed corrosion-free pipelines, pumps, valves, etc.

acid oil plant manufacturer in india

Advantages of Acid Oil Plant

Choosing what suits your requirement is really difficult. But we assure quality in every demand of you. There are various advantage that makes us the best in the industry. Go through them and decide if you want to take the advantage or not.

The above-mentioned key characteristics of our FGPL Acid oil making plant make it advantageous to install and use our equipment in tandem with the current refinery plant. As an Acid oil plant manufacturer, we offer both solutions to clients.

Common Questions

FAQs About FRP Products

Over time, engineers sought steel and alloy alternatives to combat corrosion and costly repairs from heavy usage. FGPL is a growing organization committed to addressing corrosion using cost-effective fiberglass reinforced plastics (FRP), ideal for building and fixing structures.

  • To provide a premium quality product to our clients we take several measures that keeps a check on quality.

  • Raw Material Inspection: Inspecting incoming raw materials, such as soap stock or feedstock, is conducted to ensure they meet quality standards and are free from contaminants that could affect the final product.

  • Process Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of critical process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and reaction times, ensuring chemical reaction occurs as intended.

  • Sampling and Testing: Representative samples are taken at various points during the process and subjected to rigorous testing in a dedicated quality control laboratory.

  • Quality Assurance Team: A dedicated team of quality assurance professionals oversees the entire production process.

  • Equipment Calibration: Regular calibration and maintenance of equipment are performed to ensure accurate readings and consistent results.

Yes, Fibrograts (FGPL) is a leading acid oil plant manufacturer, meeting all the regulatory requirements and standards. Our acid oil production process is designed to minimize impurities and contaminants, and quality checks are conducted at various stages to verify that the final product meets the required specifications.

Through a combination of robust engineering, advanced technology, and stringent quality control measures we ensure reliability and performance. Our soap stock splitting/acid oil plants are designed by a team of experienced engineers who leverage their expertise to create systems that are efficient, reliable, and tailored to our client’s needs. This includes selecting high-quality materials, optimizing process flows, and integrating safety features.

We incorporate cutting-edge technology and automation into our plants, allowing for precise control, real-time monitoring, and seamless operation. This enhances efficiency, minimizes errors, and ensures consistent performance.

Fibrograts offers a flexible range of quantities for the supply of our soap stock splitting/acid oil plants to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you’re a small-scale operator or a large industrial facility, we can accommodate your requirements. Being a leading acid oil plant manufacturer, Our product is designed with scalability in mind, allowing us to offer a wide range of capacities to suit your production needs.

Choosing FGPL your soap stock splitting plants manufacturer comes with a range of following advantages:

  •   Expertise: With years of experience, we brings unparalleled expertise in designing and manufacturing soap stock splitting/acid oil plants

  •   Quality: Quality is the cornerstone of our operations. We are committed to delivering superior-quality plants equipped with top-grade components, advanced technology, and rigorous quality control measures to ensure reliability and longevity.

  •   Innovation: We stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry, integrating cutting-edge technology into our plants to enhance efficiency, automation, and overall performance.

  •   Scalability: Whether you’re a small-scale producer or an industrial giant, FGPL’s plants are designed for scalability.

  •   Sustainability: Our soap stock splitting/acid oil plants adhere to eco-friendly practices, ensuring that waste is minimized, and responsible disposal methods are employed.

Our experienced engineering team designs the acid oil plant, considering factors such as capacity, process flow, safety, and environmental considerations. High-quality materials and components are sourced from trusted suppliers. Skilled welders and fabricators transform the raw materials into the structural components of the plant. After that, The fabricated components are meticulously assembled by our skilled technicians. Throughout the manufacturing process, quality control checks are conducted. These include material inspections, welding quality assessments, and dimensional accuracy verification.

Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-centric solutions makes us the best acid oil plant. With years of experience and expertise, we offer tailored and scalable solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients. We prioritize sustainability by adhering to eco-friendly practices and responsible disposal methods. Fibrograts combines global reach with personalized attention, delivering not just products but holistic solutions that drive success for our valued clients across the industry.

FGPL is recognized as a trusted manufacturer and supplier of soap stock splitting solutions due to its unwavering dedication to quality, expertise, and client satisfaction. With years of industry experience, FGPL’s soap stock splitting solutions are meticulously designed and engineered to deliver unmatched efficiency and reliability.

Simply reach out to our team through our contact channels, share your requirements, and we’ll guide you through the process of acquiring a tailored soap stock splitting/acid oil plant solution to meet your needs.

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