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Fibrograts is the prominent manufacturer and supplier of FRP Drain Covers in India, using exclusive quality materials adhering to national and international standards. Our FRP manhole covers are available in standard sizes and shapes with multiple loading capacities. They find application in sewerage, underground, and rainwater drainage projects designed by government, municipal, and private corporations. Our robust FRP drain covers are utilized in various settings including housing societies, industries, malls, complexes, multiplexes, footpaths, gardens, stations, and airports.

FRP Composite Properties

FRP Drain Covers Manufacturer

In today’s world, access to underground utilities is very important to maintain infrastructure and ensure smooth operations across diverse applications. That is why people are inclining more towards the FRP chamber cover and FRP manhole covers. They are a unique blend of versatility, strength, and durability. 

These covers provide reliable and secure access to underground utility points. These benefits make them a valuable asset in the realm of maintaining infrastructure, facilitating repairs, and guaranteeing smooth operation in various sectors. FRP covers are poised to continue setting a standard for versatile and secure solutions in utility access points with their growing popularity.

Unmatched Durability

FRP covers are engineered with resin and fiberglass and boast exceptional resistance to wear and tear, harsh weather or environments, and even heavy traffic. They come built with long-lasting performance and dependable access for many more years to come.

Unwavering Strength

These covers are made to handle heavy loads so that they are suitable for diverse applications. They have exceptional and impressive load-bearing capacity so that they can support traffic safely on roads, pedestrian walkways, and industrial machinery. This ensures that they can withstand the demands of various settings.

Corrosion Resistance

The FRP manhole cover is friendly to any harsh chemicals. When exposed to corrosive environments, they still manage to maintain their structural integrity and functionality. This feature helps them be ideal for applications involving harsh chemicals or environments. They withstand even in challenging conditions.

Tailored Solutions

FRP covers provide extensive customization, departing from traditional one-size-fits-all options. With diverse sizes and shapes and the ability to withstand specific loads, FRP manhole covers can be tailored to your project needs. This ensures peak performance, eliminates the necessity for makeshift solutions, and guarantees seamless fits.

Anti-skid Surface

The safety of each and every individual is paramount to us. That is why an FRP chamber cover and FRP manhole covers come equipped with treated and textured surfaces. They also provide exceptional skid resistance. This lessens the risk of road accidents for workers accessing utility points as well as for pedestrians. These covers ensure security for everyone.

Weather Resistance

Traditional materials are susceptible to weather damage, but FRP covers are not the same. They can withstand the elements such as sunlight, rain, snow, or even extreme temperature fluctuations. This ensures that their performance is reliable year-round. FRP covers are devoid of any concerns that are related to extreme weather.

Benefits That Deliver Value

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Why FRP is Widely Used in Drainage Covers?

Theft of iron manhole covers and significant breakages in local cement manhole covers are long-standing issues. FRP manhole covers and drainage covers were developed to solve these problems. These FRP manhole covers are as strong as cast iron, but they have a lower coefficient of expansion, are less brittle, transmit less vibration, and are quieter. Additionally, they are exempt from theft because they have little scrap value.

Benefits of FRP Drain Covers

These Fibrograts FRP chamber covers or drain covers, available in slip-resistant finishes, feature an anti-skid surface that helps reduce slipping accidents. Additionally, these manhole covers include a fire-retardant and thermally insulated coating for long-lasting use. Some of the product features include single-piece molded construction, excellent strength-to-weight ratios, impact and UV resistance, and resistance to microbial development.

Lightweight & Easy to HandleColor Options Available
Lifelong with Minimal Expansion & ContradictionsWeather Resistant
Fully TestedNegligible Inflow & Infiltration
Corrosive Environment ProofEco-Friendly
Operation Cost is MinimalEnergy Saving

Applications of FRP Drain Covers


Underground Sewerage, Strom Sewerage,Government Sectors like Municipal, Private Sectors, etc.
Trench CoversIndustry, Malls, Multiplexes
Service Roads, Highways, FootpathsTelecommunications
DefenceWater, Gas & Petroleum Stations
Gardens & Public PlacesHousing Colonies
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