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FRP Scrubbing Equipment is a device designed to reduce air pollution by utilizing liquid to filter out gases or particles from an industrial emission or flue gas stream. To effectively remove particles and polluting gases from the gas flow, this atomized liquid, usually water, entrains them.

FRP Scrubbing Equipment comprises multiple pieces of equipment that aid in the process of reducing air pollution. Fibrograts manufactures FRP scrubbing equipment such as FRP Chimneys/Stacks, Venturi Scrubbers, Packed Column Scrubbers, Degasser Columns, Blowers, Hoods, Ducts, etc.

FRP Scrubbing Equipment

FRP Chimney/Stacks: Corrosive gases are released into the atmosphere through stacks and chimneys. Due to its low cost and essential performance, FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) has become the material of choice for chimney liners and stacks. The main building blocks of these structures are typically made of the same corrosion-resistant polymers used in the duct and scrubber portions upstream of both the stack or chimney. Stacks and chimney liners can be designed as free-standing structures or with the use of steel or concrete support columns.

Venturi Scrubbers: Particulate scrubbers, often referred to as venturi scrubbers, are air control devices that are very effective at eliminating particulate matter (PM 2.5) pollutants from industrial exhaust produced from both phase and constant type application areas.

Comparing Venturi Scrubbers to filtration and other dust collection tools, there are several benefits. One benefit is that they can tolerate high temperature, moisture, and/or particle-laden gas streams. Another benefit is that the equipment’s overall size is frequently smaller.

Packed Column Scrubbers: Packed tower scrubbers, also known as packed bed or packed column scrubbers, are designed to remove impurities from gas streams using chemicals. An extensive wetted surface area is provided by internal packing in the scrubber housing, encouraging close contact between the contaminated gas and the scouring liquid. Subsequently, the pollutant is either absorbed by or interacts with the cleaning agent. Recirculation of the scouring liquid, which may contain caustic or acid-scrubbing agents, is frequently necessary to achieve the appropriate output emissions.

Degasser Columns: A degasser column made of FRP and lined with rubber is utilized as FRP scrubbing equipment. It serves to remove carbonate ions by creating carbon dioxide. In a degasser tower, water is poured from the top while air is blown from the bottom to the top. Pall rings are used to increase the contact area and break down the descending water column into a thin layer and tiny droplets in the FRP Degasser Column.

Blowers: Our supplied blowers are well-known across various industries and are manufactured by quality standards using premium raw materials. These blowers find applications in a variety of industries, including the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors. Furthermore, to meet customer requirements, the provided blowers are available in a wide range of sizes and other relevant specifications.

Hoods: Addressing air emissions, we provide a range of services, including site assessments, design and engineering, precise mold manufacturing, fabrication, and assembly supervision.

Ducts: Specifically crafted for industrial corrosion-resistant smoke exhaust purposes, Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Duct is used. The duct’s exposure to chemicals, pressure, and temperature influences the resin system employed. Typical applications include wastewater treatment plants.

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