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How FRP Gratings Changed The Game In Oil Industries?

Nowadays, the word FRP is trending and has become very popular among. FRP stands for Fibre Reinforced Plastic, and FRP Gratings are made by mixing Resin and Fiberglass in certain propositions.

FRP Gratings are usually used for Corrosive Environments because it has high resistance against corrosion, whereas steel gratings don’t have such resistance against corrosion.

Advantages of using FRP Gratings in Oil Industries are:

1. Resistance to Corrosion:- FRP Gratings are Maintenance-free since they do not corrode easily and provide greater strength against corrosion. Also, the FRP  are made up of composites, and their composition can be changed or varied as the need and requirements.

2. Fire Safety:- FRP Gratings are very safe against fire too, which is a major benefit for Oil Industries.

3. Electric and Thermal Safety:- No doubt that FRP Gratings are resistant to Electrical and thermal conductivity both.

4. Low Maintenance Cost:- Since FRP  are Resistant to Corrosion, so there is no additional need for keeping sandblast for safety purposes. This again saves the cost and the overall costing too. Moreover, lesser cleaning, maintenance saves time, which ultimately saves the cost too.

5. High Strength:- The Ratio of Strength to Weight of FRP  is very High, which means that they have a good load-bearing capacity as compared to steel gratings.

6. Easy Installment:- FRP Gratings are easy to install, and they don’t require much heavy equipment for the same.

7. Saves Time and Manpower:- FRP  has numerous intrinsic factors that act as a benefit and ultimately save time and efforts and through which the overall costing is reduced.


Currently, in the market, there is a huge demand for FRP Grating and other products of FRP. According to the market scenario, the demand shall continue to rise and may become exponential too! Contact us for best FRP Grating.

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