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Water and wastewater storage tanks have been built over the years using a range of materials. These systems, which are often made of non-reinforced concrete but can also be made of polyethylene and steel, lack many of the advantages of a fibreglass tank, such as its structural strength, resistance to corrosion, watertightness, light weight, and ease of installation.

Potable water, chemicals, caustics, ethanol, petroleum, extinguisher water, septic, water and sewage, and other uses are all stored in Fibrograts FRP Rectangular Tanks. Fiberglass tanks are garnering more and more attention as designers, owners, and installers discover their significant benefits.

Advantages of FRP Rectangular Storage Tanks

  • Corrosion-resistant upkeep long service for free a lifespan of more than 50 years without replacement or upkeep
  • Protects the environment
  • Lightweight: Simpler to handle
  • An inner surface that is smooth reduced sludge formation and costs of cleaning
  • Saves material loss by being leakproof
  • Flexible options for design
  • Simple installation

Application or Uses of FRP Rectangular Tanks

  • Tanks for storing potable water
  • Wastewater and sewage treatment tanks
  • Chemical storage vessels
  • FRP Mixing tanks
  • Trailer-mounted Mobile Tanks
  • Lightweight Elevated Cylinders


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Being one of the top FRP Rectangular Tanks supplier, we carry out a number of tests before supplying the tanks to the client, to guarantee the quality of the products and their long service life. Hydro Test, Acetone Test, Hardness Test, Glass Content Test, Strength Test, and other specified tests.


The FRP rectangular storage tanks from FGPL offer excellent quality and durability, whether for industrial or commercial use. Our quality FRP tanks can help you increase your storage capacity right now. Visit our site and contact us!

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