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FRP, or fiber-reinforced plastic, reaction vessels are specialized containers used in a wide range of industrial processes. They are made from a composite material consisting of a plastic matrix reinforced with fibers, typically made of glass or carbon. This combination of materials provides FRP reaction vessels with a number of unique properties, making them an excellent choice for use in a variety of applications.

Advantages of FRP Reaction Vessels as Compared to Conventional Ones

One of the key advantages of FRP/GRP high-pressure reaction vessels is their durability and corrosion resistance. The fibers in the composite material provide added strength and stability, allowing the vessels to withstand high temperatures and pressures without deforming or breaking. This makes them well-suited for use in chemical processing, where they can be exposed to harsh chemicals and other corrosive substances.

Another advantage of FRP reaction vessels is their ability to maintain their integrity over time. Unlike other materials, such as metals, which can corrode or degrade when exposed to certain chemicals or environmental conditions, FRP reaction vessels do not experience these types of degradation. This means that they can be used for long periods of time without the need for frequent repairs or replacement.

Durability & Strength

In addition to their durability and corrosion resistance, FGPLs FRP reaction vessels are also known for their lightweight and compact design. They are much lighter than comparable vessels made from metal, making them easier to handle and transport. This can be particularly beneficial in applications where the vessels need to be moved around frequently, such as in wastewater treatment plants.

Customized Solution

FRP/GRP high-pressure reaction vessels are also highly customizable, which makes them suitable for use in a wide range of industrial processes. The composite material used to make the vessels can be molded into almost any shape or size, allowing FRP reaction vessels manufacturer to create vessels that are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of their clients. This level of customization is not possible with other materials, such as metals, which have more limited design capabilities.

Overall, FRP reaction vessels are an excellent choice for use in a variety of industrial applications. They are durable, corrosion-resistant, and highly customizable, making them well-suited for use in chemical processing, wastewater treatment, and other industrial processes. Their lightweight and compact design also makes them easy to handle and transport, making them a practical and cost-effective solution for a wide range of industrial needs.


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Why Choose FGPL?

According to the requirements of the customer, we build FRP Process Vessels and FRP Reaction Vessels in a variety of sizes and forms, with capacities ranging from 500 liters to one million liters and conical, dished, or flat bottoms and tops. The choice of resin and glass fiber relies on the necessary chemical, thermal, and pressure conditions for the reaction or process.

Based on the aforementioned specifications, our capable in-house engineering team can develop equipment and provide thorough fabrication drawings for the client’s approval. There are several options for a thermoplastic liner or reaction vessels that can be built wholly out of FRP using superior chemical resistance resins such as Bisphenol or Vinyl Ester.

The engineering team may design the tank depending on the equipment’s needs for chemical corrosion. The most popular materials are PP, PVC, PVDF, HDPE, or CPVC, with thicknesses ranging from 2mm to 5mm. If necessary, we provide reaction/process vessels with an MS framework to support the vessel and a structural configuration for the agitator and gearbox assembly on top. In accordance with the needs, we can provide stirrers and cooling or heating coils constructed from various MOCs.

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