Best FRP Drain Covers Manufacturer in India

Fibrograts is the prominent manufacturer and supplier of FRP Drain Covers in India, using exclusive quality as per national & international standards. Our FRP manhole covers are available in standard sizes and shapes with multiple loading capacities. Our FRP drain covers are used for applications such as sewerage, underground, and rainwater drainage projects designed by government, municipal as well private corporations. The Strong drain FRP covers are used in various places like housing societies, industries, malls, complexes, multiplexes, footpaths, gardens, stations, airports, etc.

FRP Composite Properties:

  • FRP as a material is resistant to Sunlight, water, chemical water, and sewage water.
  • To increase UV resistance, a UV stabilizer is applied to the basic material.
  • Since FRP is flexible and not brittle, it offers high-impact resistance. Therefore, unlike cast iron or ductile iron, FRP covers and FRP gratings do not break apart under excessive load carrying.
  • FRP has a substantially greater strength-to-weight ratio than other materials. As a result, although FRP is less heavy, the strength is stronger.
  • FRP cures at a self-exothermic temperature of 175°C during manufacturing.
  • FRP is not a thermoplastic but a thermoset substance that cannot be melted and is not reversible (reversible and can be melted). Due to this, it cannot be recycled, and strong sunshine will not cause the material to soften.
  • In temperatures that are extremely hot or cold, FRP is a good material.
  • FRP may be destroyed by incinerator burning

Why FRP is Widely Used in Drainage Covers?

Theft of iron manhole covers and significant breakages in local cement manhole covers are long-standing issues. FRP manhole covers and drainage covers were developed to solve these issues. These FRP manhole covers are as strong as cast iron, but they have a lower coefficient of expansion, are less brittle, transmit vibrations, and are quieter. They are also exempt from theft because they have little value as scrap.

Benefits of FRP Drain Covers

These Fibrograts FRP chamber cover or drain cover, which are available in slip-resistant finishes, have an anti-skid surface that helps reduce accidents caused by slipping. These manhole covers also include a fire retardant and thermally insulated coating for long-lasting use. Some of the products mentioned include single-piece moulded construction, excellent strength-to-weight ratios, impact and UV resistance, and resistance to microbial development.

Lightweight & Easy to Handle Colour Options Available
Lifelong with Minimal Expansion & Contradictions Weather Resistant
Fully Tested Negligible Inflow & Infiltration
Corrosive Environment Proof Eco-Friendly
Operation Cost is Minimal Energy Saving

Applications of FRP Drain Covers

Underground Sewerage, Strom Sewerage, Government Sectors like Municipal, Private Sectors, etc.
Trench Covers Industry, Malls, Multiplexes
Service Roads, Highways, Footpaths Telecommunications
Railways Airport
Defence Water, Gas & Petroleum Stations
Gardens & Public Places Housing Colonies
Factories Godowns

Why Choose FGPL?

We are a reputable ISO 9001: 2008 Certified business that manufactures FRP products. Most of our clients are in the construction, railroad, and civil engineering sectors. We take great pleasure in the high calibre of our goods, which are created using only the best manufacturing systems. This makes sure that even under intensive use, our goods maintain their durability. Each product is rigorously tested by our quality control team to make sure it meets the highest requirements.

A broad variety of manhole covers, including square, round, and rectangular covers, are also available from the best FRP cover manufacturer – FGPL. FRP drain covers, moulded grating and protruded grating are additional options available to customers. Customization is available upon request. However, the majority of industry standards are included in our current designs.


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